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Leicestershire Dyslexic Support in Leicester and Leicestershire
Marks son asking him if he can try the computer workshop as it may help him with his work

Computer Workshop

A particular problem for the dyslexic student is the reversal of the letters "p" and "q" or "b" and "d" when trying to write by hand and sometimes the transposition or omission of letters when trying to spell. The computer helps to alleviate these problems in a number of ways.

  1. The letters are always to be found in the same position on any keyboard.
  2. Striking a single key removes the need to decide how a letter should be formed. (By hand).
  3. The letters are all in upper case (capital letters) of a standard unique shape and cannot be mistaken one for another.
  4. The computer has a spell checker and grammar checking facility. They are not infallible but used with care can be helpful.

Our computer workshop has a number of programmes for teaching touch typing. Each one approaches the subject in a different way and we find that some students show a preference for one over another. Our students are not expecting to become proficient Touch Typists but we do encourage them to use both hands (left for the letters on the left hand side of the board and right for the letters on the right hand side) and where possible to use the correct fingers. The exercises we set give them a great deal of confidence in their ability to find their way around the keyboard. Keyboard practise is intensive and limited to approximately ten minutes per session.

When students are ready we introduce them to Microsoft ® Word to learn how to lay out letters, memos, tables etc and for the very advanced we can introduce them to a simple Microsoft ® Excel spreadsheet.

This type of work requires a good deal of concentration on the part of the student so we like to leave the last ten minutes of a session for lighter more entertaining but still educational activity.

We have many educational games for the improvement of spelling and numeracy and also some lighter games to develop co-ordination, reflexes and manual dexterity. Many dyslexic children show an aptitude for Art and choose to use Painter 3 or Microsoft Paint when designing Christmas, Easter or Birthday Cards. We also have software for House Design, Garden Design and Creating Your Own Handwriting.

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Helpline / Befriender's

If you require information or support, we run a helpline and befriender's service

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