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Leicestershire Dyslexic Support in Leicester and Leicestershire
Cartoon of Prof Muse thinking about how to make this website accessible.

Changing the Web Site Colours

The visual appearance of this site has been created using cascading style sheets. If you wish to use your own choice of text and background colour, you can do the following:

In Internet Explorer:

  1. Go to the 'Tools' menu
  2. Select 'Internet Options' to go to the Internet Option
  3. Click on the 'Accessibility' button
  4. Check the box next to the text that starts 'Ignore colors specified'
  5. Click on the 'OK' button. This will make Internet Explore ignore all the text and background colours specified on this web site.
  6. If you wish to select you own text and background colours, from 'Internet Options' click on the 'Colors' button.
  7. When you have finished, click the 'OK' button on 'Internet Options'

In Netscape 7:

  1. Select the 'Edit' menu
  2. And then the 'Preferences'
  3. Now, next to the word appearance, there will be an arrow. If this arrow is facing left, click on it
  4. When the arrow is facing down, click on 'Colors'
  5. Here, you can choose your choose of colour. To use these colours instead of the colours of the colours on this web site, select the option starting 'use my chosen colors, ignoring the '
  6. Press the 'OK' button

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Helpline / Befriender's

If you require information or support, we run a helpline and befriender's service

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