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Leicestershire Dyslexic Support in Leicester and Leicestershire
The daughter of the Debby asking Debby if she can play games the games.


A collect of small games, the Macromedia Flash plug-in is required to play these games.

Words / Letters games

Word Search - find all the words.

Duck Shoot Alpha - sort the letters into alphabetical order.

Hangman - the classic word guessing game.

Word Maker - what word do the jumbled up letters make?

Maths / Numbers games

Maths School - a maths quiz.

Maths School Patterns - work out the pattern to complete the number sequence.

Times Table Square - arrange the numbers into their timetable order.

Number Guesser - can you guess the number that the teacher is thinking?

Puzzle games

Block cross Towers - move the blocks from one tower to the other.

Memory Shapes - test your memory by matching up the paired shapes.

Mazes - can you find your way around the mazes?

Spot the Difference - can you find what is different?

Picture pieces - re-arrange the square pieces to make a complete picture.

Other games

Mole Bash - test your reflexes, get the moles as they appear.

Noughts and Crosses - can you beat the Professor?

Mouse Control - can you move the mouse steadily enough?

Get the Macromedia Flash Player.

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