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Leicestershire Dyslexic Support in Leicester and Leicestershire
Now children, I would like to tell you of the success of some of our students, is said by Professor Muse to a group of children at the association, a cartoon image

Arran Smith's Success Story

My Name is Arran Smith I'm 20 year old.

I found out I was Dyslexia when I as 7 I was in year 4 at my primer school and I love it find out it fell cool but I trout that when I was going to have my teeth out at the densest. It was hard and still is but my mum and dad help take me to the LDA and push the school to give me help. I did not like high school found it hard but had the help. Then I went to my upper school and they had the best Leaning support (LS) department and I start help at the LDA on Saturday and my confidence got better, and I did well and my GCSE as my LS teacher said " your are the most severe Dyslexia I have ever tort" so in my GCES I got 2 E 4 D and 1 C in ICT so I was happy when to college and did ICT for one year then work as a Youth Worker for 2 yeas and now I own my own business work on Web sites and Marketing and the vice chairman of the Leicestershire Dyslexia Association

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